The Stay Strong Tote foundation is a volunteer based organization.  Our mission, “Sending Hugs through Shrugs” brings the creativity of the knit and crochet community together with the kindness of individuals who help fund our care packages in an effort to let moms of critically ill children know that we are thinking of them.  We want these moms to know they have a team of support sending good wishes their way.

We primarily deliver our Stay Strong Totes through Ronald McDonald Houses.   Our care packages are presented to moms as they begin their stay with their children who are starting treatment in nearby hospitals.  We are grateful to Ronald McDonald Houses for connecting us with the moms we serve.  We also work with St. Peter’s University Children’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, distributing our Stay Strong Totes through the help of the Child Life Specialists who use their discretion knowing which mom’s need a little extra love.  Upon request, we have shipped to individuals or to other children’s hospitals as well.  And sadly, there have also been times when we’ve shipped shrugs to moms who have recently lost their child, hoping they’ll feel some comfort in the kindness of strangers.

What is a Stay Strong Tote?

What is a Stay Strong Shrug?

Don’t knit or crochet but you still want to support a mom with a critically ill child?