2 Years 400 Stay Strong Totes Delivered

Time does fly!  I never thought a few years ago that sending some care packages to my local RMD House would grow into such a loving community.  Thank you everyone for helping us fulfill our mission “Sending Hugs through Shrugs” to moms of critically ill children.  We hope all of these moms went home with healthy healed children.  But sadly, that most likely is not the case.  Our work is not even close to being done.

We have lots of ideas and plans to keep growing.  We are grateful to Ronald McDonald Houses for their support and helping connect us to the moms we serve.  We have also had requests to ship Stay Strong Totes to children’s hospitals where their Child Life Specialists know which moms need a little extra love.  At times we’ve also been asked to ship to moms staying in hotels near their child’s hospital, which is not near their home.  So as you can see, we try to support anywhere there is a mom in need.  Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Share our posts.  Help spread the word and support moms going through terribly difficult times.

Remember our Stay Strong Bear Buddy pattern is available for a $5 donation and a kit for $25.  Some RMD Houses and hospitals don’t accept stuffed animals so be sure to ship Bear Buddies to us and we will get them to the places that do.

You might want to ask your local yarn shop owner if they’d like to support us by asking their customers for fingering weight or dk weight yarn donations.  “Color fading” shawls and sweaters are very popular now, leftovers can be used to make Bear Buddies or mailed to us to make kits with.  Those kits help us raise funds!  We have collection boxes that we can ship to anyone willing to help.  (And you can always find affordable yarn for a shrug while you’re there!)  Simple easy ways to help raise awareness and keep our community growing.

Thank you again!  We will update soon.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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