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Thanks for stopping by.  The purpose of our blog will be to create a virtual meeting space for anyone interested in following – and hopefully! – participating in our community by showing some support for moms entering Ronald McDonald Houses with their seriously ill or injured children.  As we build our community we will share our progress and let you know when new volunteers bring us to their local RMD House, when new knit and crochet groups join our mission and any other updates we can share to keep you in the loop,   Although we have a website where general information can be found and we post on facebook (Weaving Wellness) and Instagram (weavingwell), our blog will be an ongoing journal and hopefully a way to help you feel included – because we cannot do this without your support and with you we can make a difference.  There are a lot of moms who can use a little love right now – please help us reach as many as we can.

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  1. I suggest you post this info on ravelry on the library loopers forum. I’!l spread the word as well.

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