Every shrug includes a note from the maker. Please print on cardstock and attach to your shrug.

Please use our pdf to print out a notecard and write you name, town, state and a quick note to the mom who will receive your “Hug through a Shrug”.  A simple note like:  "Handmade for you with love and prayers in every stitch.  Stay Strong!  -your name, town, state" is perfect.


Here are some easy to find yarn ideas.  You will need to buy based on yardage in each skein.  In our basic knit pattern, you'll see you need 2 skeins Homespun and 1 skein Facet Stones to make a shrug,  using 1 strand of Facet Stones with Homespun only for the stockinette portion and holding 2 strands Homespun together for the top and bottoms garter stitch borders.  If yardage allows, hold one strand of each yarn together for the entire shrug, including top and bottom borders.  Shawl in a Ball has more than enough yardage for a shrug plus half of another one.  For all yarn suggestions listed below, use one strand of each and follow basic pattern using US19  29" circular needles casting on 76 stitches.  Be creative and have fun combining different yarns and textures.  Be careful to not choose heavy dense yards.  The weight adds up when working with large needles so lofty bulky yarns and many single ply yarns work best.


Yarn ideas

Lion Brand Homespun and Facet Stones by Loops and Threads


Lion Brand Homespun, Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball and Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable


Red Heart Dreamy, Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable and Madrid by Loops and Threads


Caron Latte Cakes, Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball and Madrid by Loops and Threads


Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, Barcelona by Loops and Threads and Yarn Bee Caterina (Hobby Lobby)


Lion Brand Homespun and Madrid by Loops and Threads